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Calling on the Irish Government to rescind proposed changes to the Junior Cert curriculum

Updated: May 16, 2023

This letter was written by Pastors John Ahern and Mark Loughridge to the Irish Government outlining their deep concern regarding the inclusion of pornography and trans ideology in the school curriculum and the devastating consequences they envisage.

To the Minister for Education Norma Foley, Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman:

It is with great concern that we write to you regarding the current proposals to expose Junior Cert students to pornographic content as part of the RSE curriculum, and to teach transgender ideology, which is both unbiblical and unscientific, in primary and secondary schools. As church leaders we represent thousands of Bible-believing Christian parents and grandparents nationwide who find this wholly unacceptable and deeply troubling. We hold that the Bible’s teaching on marriage, sexuality and gender is what is best for individuals and societies to flourish. It grieves us deeply to see the promotion of that which will cause harm to people, especially children.

As pastors, we are personally aware of the extensive damage pornography does in the lives of people. We deal with it daily. We know the danger that this material in any form presents to impressionable hearts and minds of children and teens. The fact that some young people may have already been exposed to this content is not the issue, there are many that haven’t, and don’t need to be. This proposal is nothing less than the sexualisation of children by a state body.

Tragically in Ireland 1 in 4 people have been sexually abused by the age of 17. Exposure to pornography normalises violent and abusive sex and increases vulnerability amongst children and young people to requests for intimate images and videos.

We are dealing with broken adults whose issues, in many cases, began with exposure to this content as children, in some instances leading to a lifetime of dysfunction and abusive behaviour. If these changes are implemented, there will be major repercussions for our society.

We believe that exposing any child to pornography is dangerous. We would not expose children to alcohol or drugs in the interests of their education, so why do it with something that research has shown to be as addictive as cocaine, causing damage to the neural pathways and receptors in the brain?

Regarding the pushing of transgender ideology—we note that other countries are backing off this push having been ahead of Ireland in implementing it. They have seen the wreckage in damaged young lives which it has produced and recognise that many more issues are involved than transgender ideology allows for. Ireland does not need to go down the same tragic and misguided path.

As Christians and parents, we believe we have the right to teach our children a Biblical view of gender and sexuality. We believe that it is the sole responsibility and right of parents to choose what and when to teach their children on sexuality and gender, not teachers, politicians, or activists.

We speak also for many teachers and principals who are deeply uncomfortable at what they are being asked to teach. They also feel themselves pressurised, even bullied, by decisions driven by activists who are interested in pursuing their own agenda rather than the welfare of children.

In addition, we have been receiving reports from concerned Christian parents that their children are already being intimidated, pressurised and at times bullied because of their sincerely-

held religious beliefs about sexuality and gender—ironically often due to programmes designed to prevent bullying.

We note that Article 42.1 of the Constitution, states:

“The State acknowledges that the primary and natural educator of the child is the Family and guarantees to respect the inalienable right and duty of parents to provide, according to their means, for the religious and moral intellectual, physical, and social education of their children.“

The proposed changes to the curriculum completely undermine the role and responsibility of parents in safeguarding the moral and religious welfare of their children.

Article 42.4 of the Constitution states:

“The State shall provide for free primary education and shall endeavour to supplement and give reasonable aid to private and corporate educational initiative, and, when the public good requires it, provide other educational facilities or institutions with due regard, however, for the rights of parents, especially in the matter of religious and moral formation”.

We respectfully submit that these proposed changes are unconstitutional, as well as unbiblical and unwise, and will result in the damage of many lives.

To say that parents can take their children out of specific classes is not satisfactory, nor practical. The bigger issue is that such material should not have any place in school.

We are asking the Irish government to rescind these proposed changes to the Junior Cert curriculum with immediate effect and desist from undermining parental authority with this dangerous revamp of RSE. We also ask you to stop the promotion of transgenderism to impressionable children through the education system.

Should these changes not be made, your legacy will be that of an exponential increase in the numbers of broken and damaged individuals we already see, with damning repercussions for Irish society.

Yours sincerely,

1. Pastor John Ahern, All Nations Church, Dublin.

2. Rev. Mark Loughridge, New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny.

3. Pastor Valerian Jurjea, Bethania Church, Dublin.

4. Pastor Seán Mullarkey, St. Marks Church, Dublin.

5. Pastor Nick Park, Solid Rock Church Drogheda

6. Pastor Tunde Adeboayo-Oke, Redeemed Church of God Ireland

7. Mr Stephen Cardy, - CEO

8. Pastor Cathy Giusti, Word of Life Impact Ministries, CAVAN

9. John Edwards, Revival Ireland, Dublin

10. Pauline Alton, City Gate Prayer, Cork

11. Rev. Solomon Aroboto, Arklow Christian Community Church, Arklow

12. Rev. Sean Curran, Living Water Church, Finglas

13. Pastor Jayaseelan Vincent, Ministry of Jesus Ireland. Ballyfermot, Dublin-10.

14. Pastor David Williamson, South City Church. Stillorgan, Dublin

15. Daniel Tabb, Sports Across Ireland

16. Bino Thomas, St Mary’s Church Rowlagh Clondalkin

17. Pastor Gareth Carr, Christian Assembly

18. Pastor Danut Bostiog, Betesda Dublin

19. Dermot Laurence Landy, Landy Ministries

20. Brian Kelly, Hope Centre

21. Pastor Johann Phillip Vizagie, Every Nation Church Belfast & Dublin

22. Pastor Emmanuel Oboyo, Divine Hope of Glory International Church

23. The Joshua Community, The Joshua Community

24. Pastor Ross Barrett, Bad Boy Turned Good

25. Pastor Rose Blackwell, Word of Victory Christian Fellowship, Killarney

26. Pastor Froilan &Luisa Juales, Light Church, Glasnevin

27. Pastor John Fasan, Gospel Faith Mission International

28. Pastor Nathan Nicholson, Abundant Life Church Tullamore

29. Jimmy and Marie Gough, Banner of Love Wicklow

30. Rev. Stefan Csadi, Calvary Christian Centre Dublin

31. Pastor Rodrick Lordwell, The Glorious Church, Dublin

32. George Campbell, Ministry Leader, Father's House Ireland, Dublin

33. Pastor Sharon Perry, Abundant Grace Christian Assembly

34. Pastor Sean &Julia O'Mahony, Athenry Gospel Centre Galway

35. Pastor Jack McKee, New Life City Church, Northumberland Street, Belfast

36. Elder Ghee Seng Teo, Cork Chinese Christian Church

37. Rev. Barry m. Cunningham, New Life Church, Bishopstown, Cork

38. Michael Breen Pastor / Elder, Calvary Church Gorey

39. Davood Mahmoodi, Iranian Gospel Church Dublin

40. Mr Zoltan Arpad Szalontai, Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church

41. Antonio Moldovan, River Church Limerick

42. Pastor Ciarán Buckley, D24 Church, Dublin.

43. Rev Paul S Burns BTh (Hons.) Dip Theo, Kings Christian Fellowship Church Sandy Row Belfast

44. Pastor Rick Livingstone, Radical Life Christian Church, Cork

45. Gerard Farrell, Elim Living Water Church, Finglas, Dublin

46. Joe Annett, St Joseph’s Church Ballymartin

47. Jaish K Jacob, ICPF Ireland

48. Revered Steve Imole, New Covenant Church Glasnevin, Dublin

49. Pastor Tony Broderick, River of Life Church. Athlone.

50. Pastor Shine Peter Mathew, IPC Gilgal Church, Letterkenny/Londonderry, Donegal

51. Shawn Elizabeth Canavan, Hope Baptist Church, Dublin

52. Pastor Kyle Chahanovich, Pastor, Banner of Love Church, Wicklow

53. Pastor John Lowry, Cross Hill Community Church, Carlow

54. Pastor Stephen Mathew, IGM Cavan

55. Pastor Emmanuel Might, Solid Rock Church, Inchicore Dublin

56. Rev Kevin Fitzgibbon, Abundant Life Christian Church, Limerick

57. Pastor David McGahey, New Life Family Church, Drogheda

58. Pastor Pat Murphy, Abbey Christian Fellowship Enniscorthy

59. Brian Millar, Ministry leader, Ballyfermot Community Church, Dublin

60. Pastor Oz Muwaniri, Galway Christian Fellowship

61. Patrick Roche - Ireland Watchman Ministry, All Ireland Ministry, Dublin

62. Pastor Gerry Byrne, Victory city centre

63. Pastor Catalin V Goanta, Church “Maranata” Finglas

64. Pastor Patrick O'Shea, Church of God, Dublin

65. Petru Reut, Elim Dublin

66. Joan Long, Aglow International

67. Rev. Liam & Diane Hennessy, D24 Church, Tallaght

68. Pastor Stephen Wilson, Letterkenny Baptist Church, Letterkenny

69. Rev Philip Murphy, Fairview R P Church Oram Castleblayney

70. Rev Richard Tregaskis, Ramelton and Kilmacrennan Presbyterian Churches

71. Pastor Ryan Penn, Island Church Derry City

72. Pastor Jason Cooney, Island Church Dundalk

73. PS Aidan Cassidy, New life Church Shannon, Clare

74. Andy Lamberton, Exodus

75. Pastor Thomas Stewart, Donegal Living Hope Church, Donegal Town

76. Eugen Peters, Grace Community Church Roscommon

77. Pastor Derry O'Sullivan, Blanchardstown Baptist Church

78. Rev Mark Proctor, Naas Presbyterian Church

79. Edwin Mc Nally, Associate Pastor, Cork Full Gospel Fellowship (The Upper Room), Cork.

80. Pastor Lee McCleeland, Ark Church Belfast

81. Rev David Richman Olayinka, The Powerhouse, Ballybrit, Galway

82. Pastor Gavin von Mollendorff, Cornerstone Slieve Bloom Church, Tullamore County Offaly

83. Pastor Philip Tharp, New Life Baptist Church, Drogheda

84. Segun Osinubi, RCCG Killorglin

85. Petru Reut, Elim Church

86. Danny Keating, Calvary Waterford

87. Cornel David, Mount Zion

88. Pastor Kyle Holland, Cornerstone Church, Bray

89. Banji Akinjewe, Gospel Faith Mission International Waterford

90. Dedeku Lucki, RCCG Our God Reigns Skerries Ireland

91. Pastor Jamie Corcoran, Lighthouse Church, Dublin, Navan & Dundalk.

92. Aby Varughese, Charisma Christian Fellowship, Waterford

93. Lead Elder James Thornhill-Fisher, Freedom Life Church Cork

94. Pastor Jules Kalufando, Acting faith Ministries. Unit 36, Colmine Industrial estate. Dublin

95. Pastor Jerry Okojie, Christ the Solution Ministries. Castlebar

96. Pastor Anthony Iria, God Sent Ministries. Newbrigde, Co. Kildare.

97. Minister Trinity Dube, Christ the Solution Ministries

98. Pastor Edwin Eferetin, Life Renewal Ministries International

99. Pastor Florin Mihutescu, Betel Romanian Church

100. Ps (Dr) Taiwo Matthew, Christ Faith Tabernacle Church (CFT) Ennis

101. Pastor, Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry

102. Thiago Henrique Garcia &Ester da Silva, Snowball Church, Limerick

103. Dr Adewale Kuyebi, Christ Apostolic Church (Vineyard of Comfort) Dublin Headquarters

104. Eunice Isaac, Christ Solution Ministries Castlebar Co. Mayo

105. Pastor Maxim Strimbu, Holy Trinity Church

106. Pastor Seamus Burke, Drogheda

107. Diarmuid Brosnan, Killarney Christian Group.

108. Pastor Sam Ogundare, Transfiguration Christian Centre Dublin

109. John Oliver, New Ground Ireland

110. Pastor Noel Kenny, Liberty Churches, Dublin, Wicklow & Kildare

111. John P Walsh, Listowel Christian Fellowship

112. Pastor Cathal Duffy, Castlebar Christian Fellowship (Elim Ministries Ireland)

113. Pastor Akinyele Lewis Akintewe, of Gospel faith mission int'l. Portlaoise

114. Pastor Noel Cammack, Portlaoise Life Church

115. Pastor Paul R Carley, The Bridge Church, Celbridge

116. Pastor Paul Hackett, Hilltop Ministry Monaghan

117. Rev'd Simon Donohoe, Swanlinbar Group of Churches, Co. Cavan

118. Stephen Wright, Convoy Covenanter Church, Co Donegal

119. Pastor Peter Finch, Joshua Community, Ireland

120. Pastor Catalin V Goanta, “Maranata” Church, Finglas, Dublin

121. Michael Amoo, Christ Apostolic Church (VOC) Midleton, Co Cork

122. Kate Nwana, Wailing Women Worldwide, Ireland.

123. David Legge, Breagh Home Church, Portadown

124. Linda Amina Abidoye, Wailing women Ireland and alive Church Enniscorthy

125. Pastor & Pauline Keegan, Abundant Life Family Church Dublin

126. Favour Ajah, Maranthan community church, Waterford

127. Pastor Thiruthuvaraj Sebastian, ICRM Redeemer Church, Dublin.

128. Pastor Gerard Chimbganda, Apostolic Faith Mission: Praise Tabernacle

129. Greg Nelson, The Acts Community Church

130. Pastor Funmi Aremu, Calvary Ministries Ireland

131. Pastor Paudge Mulvihill, Calvary Church Westport

132. Pastor Manny De Leon, Word International Ministries, Dublin

133. Deaconess, RCCG Seat of Mercy

134. Pt. Dolorisisimo Geroche, Word international ministries Ireland

135. Ewena Ekpenyong, Seat of Mercy, Drogheda

136. Nike Oguntoke, Wailing Women Worldwide Ireland Chapter

137. Pastor Warren Dunlop, The Remnant Church, Bangor

138. Mark Webb, Grace Baptist Church, Killarney

139. Ms Linda Okoh, Zion Family Christian Church. Roscommon

140. James McMaster, Calvary Church Westport

141. Pastor Gene McKinley, Good News Baptist Church

142. Tony Coffey, Ranelagh Christian Church, Dublin.

143. Seán Ó Cluaid, Athlone Christian Fellowship Church

144. Colin Burnett, Newcastle West Bible Fellowship

145. Gregor Rekowski, Newcastle West Bible Fellowship

146. Brian Duffield, Newbridge Bible Fellowship Church

147. Pastor Leo Mullen, Network211 Ireland

148. Leader Pamela McGuire, The Acts Community Church Monaghan

149. James & Janice Dobbie, Christian Fellowship Church, Athlone

150. Pastor Daniel Nickel, Limerick Bible Fellowship

151. Pastor John Vogan, Free Grace Evangelical Church, Mullingar

152. Pastor Emmanuel Chris-Enoch, Newlife International Outreach Ministry Tallaght

153. Kevin McGuire Leader, The Acts Community Church Monaghan

154. Clovis Motiene, God Sent Ministries, Naas

155. Pastor Tim Quinlan, Ballinasloe Christian Fellowship

156. Pastor Joel Marcus, Belturbet Baptist Church

157. Pastor Garrett O’Regan, Limerick New Testament church

158. Rev. Jim Schmitt, World Outreach Christian Centre, Limerick

159. Pastor Anthony Agogo Joseph, Hope and Glory Christian Ministries

160. Pastor Samuel Kenneth, Yahweh Missions Centre, Dublin

161. Marcelo Grijio, SnowBall church

162. Peter Byrne, Pastor of Selah Church Dublin

163. Daniel J Pero, Calvary Bible Baptist Church

164. Godson Onyebuchi, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Limerick

165. Pastor Danny Keating, Calvary Waterford

166. Rev David Martin, Irish Church Missions

167. Matthew Brennan, Clonmel Baptist Church

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169. Seth Lewis, Carrigtwohill Baptist Group

170. Lorraine Brimage, The Acts Community church

171. Trevor Brimage, The Acts Community church

172. Rev Jonny McCollum, Milford Reformed Presbyterian Church, Donegal

173. Pastor Donald Gabriel, East Coast Evangelical Church, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

174. Senen Paus, East Coast Evangelical Church, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

175. Pastor Eric Kabi, Cornerstone Prayer Ministry

176. Rev. Kenneth Lindsay, Cavan, and Monaghan Methodist Churches

177. Pastor Cal Osiadi, House on the Rock, St. Andrew's Community Centre, 468 South Circular Road, Rialto Dublin 8

178. Pastor Shawn Tebbe, Calvary Sligo, Sligo

179. Evangelist Victory Shaka, Living Water Prayer Ministry Dublin

180. Pastor Don Thatcher, Anchor Baptist Church Waterford

181. Kirk Poth, Sligo Baptist Church, Sligo

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183. Stephen Bartley, Stewartstown Christian Fellowship

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185. Pastor Mark Smith, City Church, Dublin

186. Session Clerk, James Lamberton, Fahan Presbyterian Church, Burnfoot, Co. Donegal

187. Jonathan McCracken, Calvary Church Claremorris

188. Pr. Barry Rogers, Derry Donegal Christian Fellowship

189. Pr. David Lennon, Word of Life Impact Ministry Clonmel Co. Tipperary

190. Godwin Ibe, Overcomers Christ Assembly

191. John O'Connell, Thurles Community Church, Co. Tipperary.

192. Pastor Baiju George, Bethel Sanctuary International

193. Evg. Jobi Joseph, In Christ Church, Dublin Ireland

194. Daniella Olubode, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of Flourish Parish, Kinnegad. Co-Westmeath

195. John Bruton, Cork Baptist

196. Pastor Joshua Moore, Carrick Baptist Church, Co. Leitrim

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199. Pastor Jonny Grant, Baptist Church Carrigaline

200. Pastor Tim Coyle, Faith Community Church, Portlaoise

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203. Pastor Stephen & Lorita Hamer, Dungarvan Community Church

204. Mandy Post, Children’s Ministry, Galway City Baptist Church, Galway

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206. Pastor Joseph &Virginia Evbobun, Glory of the Latter house church, Mullingar

207. David Ross, Ivor Deane, Ger Reaney Bantry Christian Fellowship

208. Pastor Matthew New Life Tamil Church, Ballyfermot, Dublin

209. Mrs Virginia Eghaghe Erabor Ododo, Glory of the later house church mullingar

210. Pastor Dominic Montgomery, Cherith, Athlone Baptist Church

211. Audrey Chambers, Stranorlar Presbyterian

212. Rev Nick Jones, Drung Group of Churches

213. Edward Neill, Grosvenor Road Baptist Church

214. Ptr. Bong Juales, Light Church

215. Pr.Mathews Matty, New Life church Dublin & Belfast

216. Pastor Peter Amujo, Christ Apostolic Church (Outreach) Dublin

217. Pr.Bjumon pappachan, Ebenezer worship centre, Cork

218. Rev. Albert Obadeyi, Foundation Ministries, Ennis

219. David Richman, The Power House International

220. Pr. Mirella Richman, Believers Connect NUIG, University of Galway

221. YP Sodiq Omoyayi, The Powerhouse International Galway

222. Sodiq Omoyayi, Believers Connect

223. Pastor Reuben Kingdom, The Power House International, Athlone

224. Pr. Brian Hade, Victory Church Dublin

225. Pastor Andy Guilfoyle, Kilkenny Community Church, Irishtown, Kilkenny

226. Roseline Esuku, Roseline Esuku prayer and evangelism ministries

227. Pastor, The Message Assembly Dublin

228. Pastor John Fasan, GFM International

229. Pastor Steve McKinley, Navan Baptist Fellowship, Navan

230. Sarah Legge, Executive Pastor, Abundant Life Church Limerick

231. Pastor Andrew Day, Clare Bible Study, Ennis

232. Pastor Gene McKinley, Good News Baptist Church, Mullingar

233. Pr. Chris Stoll, Christ for Ireland, Inc., Dublin & Tullamore

234. Derry O'Sullivan, Blanchardstown Baptist Church

235. Akemba Mohengo, Rama Ministries

236. Pastor Lionel Smith, Calvary Baptist Church, Cork

237. Pastor Florin Mihutescu, Betel Romanian Church

238. Rev’d Ebenezer Adetunji, King’s Treasure Christian Centre, Killarney, Co.Kerry

239. Pastor Marcio Rodrigues, Shalom Christian Fellowship, Monaghan

240. Pastor Paul Orimolusi, The Redeemed Christian Church of God

241. Pastor Paul and Cathy Phillips, Wexford Christian Community Church

242. Pastor Sebastian Joseph, Shalom Prayer fellowship Portlaoise

243. Pastor Niall Byrne, Gateway Church Tullow Carlow

244. Pastor Daniel Canavan, Hope Baptist Church Dundrum Dublin

245. Pastor Tom Hoban, Good News Church, Cork

246. Rev Jonathan Currie, Kilkenny Presbyterian

247. Pastor Funmilola Ajayi, Redeemed Christian Church of God. Balrothery

248. David Wilson, Teaching Elder, Waterford Christian Assembly

249. John Mathew, Indian Christian fellowship Galway

250. Pastor Stephen Finley, Redemption Baptist Church, Athlone

251. Pastor Joy, Christ Embassy Portlaoise

252. Elizabeth Lasis, Salvation Christian Church, Dublin

253. Pastor Ivan Watson, Cavan Baptist Church


Gisely Rocha
Gisely Rocha
Jul 30, 2023

Thanks for standing for our children future!!!


Is the primary source last year’s NCCA consultation which closed in October? It had a draft learning outcome that students should be able to “investigate the influence of digital media (in particular the influence of pornography) on young people’s understanding, expectations and social norms in relation to expression.” The report from January on the consultation said that some who made submissions had a “fear” this would require teachers to use pornographic material in the classroom to achieve the learning outcome. It doesn’t. Is this one sentence the primary source for the statement that there are proposed changes to the JC curriculum to expose students to pornographic material or is there another source which explains the proposed curriculum changes?


What is the primary source of the proposed changes to the Junior Cert curriculum which will expose students to pornographic content?

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