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Parents, Wake Up: A Crucial Event on Transgender Ideology in Schools

This event is a follow-up to the highly successful one that we held on Tuesday 26th of July, which drew an attendance of over 1,000 individuals.

As you may recall, the previous event focused on the dangers of a curriculum that intends to present transgender ideology as factual to children as young as four years old. Our speakers: John McGuirk of Gript, Peadar Toibin of Aontu, barrister Grace O’Sullivan, Pastor Tunde Oke and Pastors John Ahern, illuminated the roles of activist groups and governmental bodies in advancing this agenda, and the implications on parental rights, religious freedom, and, most importantly, the well-being of our children. Furthermore, invaluable practical advice was shared on effective measures to counteract this concerning curriculum.

If you missed the previous event, or would like to refresh your memory, you can watch the complete recording on our YouTube channel, a summary of the night through Gript video coverage. You can also explore some of the pictures from the event below.

This upcoming event will provide another opportunity to delve deeper into the matter, connect with fellow concerned parents, and strategize our next steps. Our speakers will include Senator Sharon Keoghan, Pastor Tunde Oke, Redeemed Church of Ireland, Pastor John Ahern and other speaker to be confirmed.

Our collective aim is to achieve a maximum attendance at the stadium this time around to highlight our concerns. To make this goal a reality, we earnestly seek your collaboration. By spreading the word within your communities and churches, we aim to underline that this issue resonates deeply with parents invested in our children’s future.

We implore you to not only attend but also to encourage friends and family who share our values to join us on this crucial occasion. Additionally, your support in promoting the event through sharing our flyers, and messaging people via WhatsApp etc will be very much appreciated. We are not sharing the event publicly on social media to avoid protesters. Together, we wield the power to enact change and secure our children against this radical ideology.

Please use the poster at the bottom of this article to spread the word within your community. An initial 20,000 informational pamphlets have already been distributed and we’re excited to announce an additional 100,000 will be available on the night.

We could use your support towards the expenses for this event. You may contribute online or on the day of the event at the reception desk.

Your unwavering support and prayers are deeply appreciated. Let us stand united and resolute in our mission.

Warm regards,

Christian Voice Ireland (CVI)


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