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Calling out “apology” by RTE following highly offensive ‘comedy’ sketch

Commenting on the blasphemous RTE video Christian Voice Ireland representative Pastor John Ahern said:

  • “The pathetic so called “apology” by RTE regarding the blasphemous video aired on New Year’s Eve was an insult to the faith and the intelligence of Christians not only in Ireland, but around the world”.

  • “For RTE to “apologise to those who were offended by the segment” completely ignores that fact that it was wrong in principle for the national taxpayer-funded broadcaster to depict the God Whom we worship in this manner. This video represents a clear attack on all that our faith holds to be sacred and true, and sadly this non-apology is simply a further indication of the derision and utter contempt that decision-makers in RTE hold towards the Christian faith. It is clear that this video would never have been made about another religion”.

  • “The RTE “apology” also does not acknowledge that the sufferings of rape victims is not material for a comedy sketch. To say sorry if you were offended, is very different to saying sorry we were wrong, this should never have happened, this video should not have been made nor aired. RTE have instead arrogantly refused to acknowledge that their actions are hypocritical, ignoring the pain and trauma of the many victims of sexual violence. Have RTE decided that rape jokes are now ok?”.

  • “For Christians to be forced to pay a licence fee for a service that openly mocks and denigrates their faith is not acceptable. We are calling on Christians around Ireland to not pay the licence fee on point of principle. Why should we be forced to subsidise a service that clearly despises and seeks to undermine our faith?”

  • “The Virgin Birth is a central tenet of our faith, one that Christians all over the world hold to. By depicting God as a sexual predator, RTE are guilty of misrepresenting and insulting the Christian faith”.

  • “We are continuing to call on the Director-General of RTE, Dee Forbes to resign, as well as give a proper apology, as this badly-judged piece should never have been filmed, let alone aired to the nation.”

Christian Voice Ireland represents a broad group of over 50 evangelical Churches and ministries in Ireland. For further comment, Contact details: John Ahern 087 2600616


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